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A combination of classic welding and robotic welding enables a variety of different shapes.

With our combination of welding services, we can supply small-scale, mid-scale and large-scale welding series.

We provide manual welding, including MIG, MAG and TIG welding. All our welders have passed welding certfications and are able to provide the highest quality of manual welding. With the help of our experienced welders, we are able to provide high quality welding services.

Robotic welding is being performed by our state-of-the-art welding robot, produced by ABB company. The latter offers the possibility of MIG and MAG welding procedures as well as TPS pulse welding and the most up-to-date technology of CMT welding. A welding robot provides for high quality welding. We offer welding services for all kinds of products made of steel tubes and sheet metal.



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