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Industrial frame structure upon client’s request:

  • Help with product development and optimization of existing solutions
  • Manufacture of products, semi-products and constituent parts according to the wishes, plans and requirements of the customer by meand of state-of-the-art / high-tech production facility.
  • Adjustability/flexibility and high level(s) of responsiveness in manufacture of (custom-made/bespoke) individual and large-scale items upon client’s request.
  • Supplying clients with high quality metal products

For known/returning customer, We have been for years manufacturing

  • Metal supports (support)
  • Metal components for (their) final products
  • Metal casings (casing)
  • Metal handles,
  • Other metal(lic) products

Quick contact

   con address   Kolodvorska ulica

          3230 Šentjur

   con tel   +386 (0)3 746 27 16

   con fax   +386 (0)3 746 27 20

   con info    info@ispio.si

Certificate ISO 9001

BV Certification_ISO_9001


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