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We follow your projects from initial idea to finalization as well as contribute technical solutions and quality production in our state-of-the-art facility.

Metal, our basic material, is upgraded by quality manufacture and processing, as well as textile, wood and other products.

We also provide services of laser cutting, punching, robotic welding and plasticisation in a modern powder coating facility.

Our principal advantages are:

  • High-tech production facility
  • Adjustability to market needs
  • Flexibility in manufacture of products upon clients' requests
  • Possibility of small, medium and large scale production
  • Long-term experience in metal industry
  • Manufacturing of  individual products or implementation of the entire project
  • Just-in-time manufacturing principle
  • Possibility of processing different types of metals

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          3230 Šentjur

   con tel   +386 (0)3 746 27 16

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   con info    info@ispio.si

Certificate ISO 9001

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